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Matrax Ltd.

111 Bulgaria Blvd
Embassy Suites A
2nd Floor Apt 1

1404 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: 0700 11 117
Tel: +359 2 489 60 74
Fax: +359 2 869 00 13

The DreamClub unites the world’s best sleep brands under one roof. Everyone who has purchased product from Magniflex, Sealy, Schlaraffia or Setex is eligible to enter and start earning rewards.  

It’s Simple and Easy to Participate!!!
1) Join the DreamClub - Register your purchase at to become a member

2) Earn Credits - Register additional
purchases and referrals and watch your credits grow!

3) Enjoy the Rewards - Redeem your credits
 for any DreamClub product or a range of gifts.

Our clients are passionate about our products and fanatically loyal to our brands. They often purchase from us again and again and refer their friends, family and colleagues.

Visit to learn more!

 The DreamClub is our way of saying thank you by giving direct rewards designed to give you a lifetime of healthy sleep. Benefits include:

  • Discounts at hotels with DreamClub mattresses
  • “Try and Buy” at participating hotels so you can sleep on our mattress before making a final purchase decision
  • Discounts at partner stores for any product so you can furnish your entire home with the products you love at a reduced price*
  • Monthly newsletter featuring private sales and exclusive promotions
  • Credits (lv) to be redeemed for DreamClub products and gifts